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FIX UP Your Existing B2B Contact List With...

If you have a database that has become or is becoming obsolete, we'll help you restore value to one of your most important intellectual assets ... and by doing so, we'll help increase the likelihood of success in your marketing efforts.

Database cleaning: We'll refresh that existing data within your current database. We'll provide you with updated contact information and if any of those contacts are no longer a part of the organization, We'll replace them with new names, exact and comparable titles as well as include any and all current data for those new records.


Upload your own contact file. We'll then search our database of 23+ million records to locate and add missing details on contacts in your current database. We'll fill in the missing data (name, physical address, phone number, job title) for some / many / all contacts in that company. If you wish, we'll even append additional fields for you.

We'll work with your incomplete database by appending and adding the missing information. Here's how:

  • Email appending - Appending verified and permission-based email addresses to your database
  • Data appending - Appending or adding any missing information in your database
  • Decision-maker contact appending - Adding all top-level decision makers such as C - level, V - level and D - level titles to your database
  • Target-title appending - Appending contacts based on your specific job title needs
    • For example - if you and your business/channel partners are focusing on a new market niche, we can provide contact records for appropriate titles
    • If you added:
      • a new ERP solution or practice within your business, we could provide you the list of Manufacturing or Purchasing execs.
      • a "security" practice, we could append contact records of people who have "compliance" in their title
      • a Unified Communication or Collaboration practice, we'll add contact records of Business Unit Managers and others as they make sense
  • Custom lists - We can provide you with B2B lists of every niche criteria that would be useful for your marketing initiatives.

Regardless of whether you're just beginning to create your database or are enhancing the ones that you already own, our goal is to build a list that exactly meets your need and gets you in touch with the right people!

If you can't find it, contact us and we'll get it for you.

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