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RAMP UP Your Marketing Strategy and Programs With...
Accurate Data and the exact services to match your unique needs

It is an indisputable fact that accurate data about your customers, prospects, and partners IS the single most important element of EVERY lead generation effort.

You need to know who your target audience is and how to contact them, to make your lead generation effort succeed.

Based on our 10-year history of providing outstanding marketing services to our IT Vendor and IT Channel customers, we are able to offer you complete, comprehensive business development and lead generation solutions and/or any of the following discrete marketing services:

Call Center - If you need a call center to make outbound calls on the behalf of your company, we can provide that for you.

Letter Writing (Copywriting) — Since we are technology, business, and marketing people by trade and by nature, we can write compelling copy to help you build top-of-mind awareness and/or cause people to take action (such as registering for an event or requesting an appointment).

SEO for websites - Get to the top of the search engine results pages by following the guidance of our website SEO specialists.

Website Design — If your website needs an update, we have the experts who can provide a sleek new look for you and your partners' websites.

Marketing Strategy - This is one of our primary strengths. We will conceive, build and lead you through a successful marketing strategy.

Leverage our expertise, transforming your combined relationships into solutions that directly meet the needs of your target audience. We can help you and your partners succeed together with new clients and, invaluable new business relationships.

Marketing Programs - Developing results-based marketing programs can be difficult. Our experienced and successful marketers can set up and implement a proven program for you. We'd be delighted to show you examples. Just ask!

Online Automation Tool for visitor tracking - The easiest way to get more visitors to your website is to use tracking information to bring repeat visitors back for another visit to your site. We can provide that. This starts with capturing data about and from the visitor's first visit. This service is not only affordable, but delivers a strong list of leads whose behaviors are already showing interest in your business.

Email Broadcasting — We'll set up and manage, or help you set up and manage, your email campaign from conception and creation... to production and broadcast ... to data capture, follow-up and fulfillment... through to measurement and assessment. We can do as much or as little as you need.

Email Verification Services — We do extra levels of verification of contact data:

  • Email verification to remove any opt-outs or hard bounces or
  • Telephone and Internet verification of contact information

Just fill out the "LET'S TALK" box on the right, or call the Data Prof at 732-387-3431. We are in business to help you grow YOUR business.

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